Tableau Training Course


Tableau training offered by Data-Afrique is based on all the business intelligence (BI) essentials that is visualization, reporting and other BI tools that are globally used. Focusing on the advantages of Tableau, the qualified trainers make the candidates understand that it is continuously leading the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Moreover, Tableau training offered by Data-Afrique is an assurance to the candidates to make them ready for the responsibilities the assignments that requires Tableau expertise. The training modules have been designed in a way that it will give a strong boost to the Tableau career as it focuses on enhancing the visualization building, analytics and dashboards.


By the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Gain an understanding on how data can be transformed by cleaning, splitting, pivoting, and merging techniques.
  • Understand how to establish connection with data and perform various data preparation steps for visualizing it.
  • Discover new ways of analyzing data, through various features in-built within Tableau.
  • Create personalized, dynamic visualizations through parameters.
  • Develop interactive dashboards using actions.
  • Explore good design practices for dashboards.
  • Learn to publish and share dashboards and manage permissions to your published data.
  • Get an extensive hands-on expertise on various tips and tricks with Tableau.


10 Days


The course is suitable for:

  • Analytics professionals,
  • IT developers & testers,
  • Data analysts,
  • Data scientists,
  • BI and reporting professionals
  • Project managers
  • The working professionals, who are aspirating to make their career flourish in the fields of a real-time big data analytics
  • The business users willing to develop a set of core Tableau Desktop
  • The fresher and professionals, who all wish to gain a thorough understanding of the Tableau Desktop
  • Professionals looking to appear for the Tableau Certification exam


Introduction to Tableau Desktop

  • An Overview of the Business Intelligence
  • The Uses and benefits of Tableau
  • Tableau's Offerings
  • The Guide for the Installation of Tableau

Tableau Interface

  • The Start Page
  • About the Data Source Page
  • Know About the Worksheet Interface
  • How to Create a Basic View

Connecting Data Sources

  • The Types of Data
  • The Data Roles
  • The Visual Cues for the Fields
  • About Data Preparation
  • Know About Data Source optimization
  • The Joins
  • The Cross Database Joins
  • What is Data Blending?
  • Joining vs. Blending
  • The Union
  • Creating Data Extracts
  • Writing the Custom SQL

Organizing Data

  • The Filtering Data
  • About the Sorting Data
  • How to Create Combined Fields
  • How to Create Groups and Defining Aliases
  • How to Work with Sets and Combined Sets
  • Drilling and Hierarchy
  • About Adding the Grand Totals and Subtotals
  • How to Change the Aggregation Functions
  • How to Create Bins
  • The Cross Data Source Filter

Formatting Data

  • How to use Titles, Captions, and Tooltips
  • Format Results with the Edit Axes
  • Formatting your View
  • Formatting results with Labels and Annotations
  • Enabling Legends per Measure


  • Using the Strings, Date, Logical, and Arithmetic Calculations
  • Creating the Table Calculations
  • Discover the Ad-hoc Analytics
  • Performing LOD Calculations


  • Creating the Basic Charts such as: Heat Map, Tree Map, Bullet Chart, and so on
  • Creating the Advanced Chart as the Waterfall, the Pareto, the Gantt, and the Market Basket

Analysis using Desktop

  • About Reference lines
  • About Reference bands
  • About Reference distributions
  • The Trend lines
  • What is Statistical summary card?
  • The Instant Analytics
  • About Forecasting
  • About Clustering


  • Modify the locations within Tableau
  • How to Import and manage custom geocoding
  • Exploring Geographic Search
  • Performing Pan/Zoom, Lasso, and Radial Selection
  • About Measure Distance
  • About WMS Servers
  • How to Use a background image
  • The Custom Territories

Fields in Tableau

  • What are Tableau generated Fields?
  • How to Measure values and names?
  • When to use the measure values and names
  • Number of records
  • What are Generated latitude and longitude?
  • The Special Fields
  • The Date hierarchies
  • What are Discrete and continuous date parts?
  • About the Custom dates
  • Define the fiscal year


  • How to Create a parameter?
  • Exploring Parameter Controls
  • How to Use Parameters in Calculations?
  • Using the Parameters and Reference Lines
  • Using the Parameters with Filters

Create Dashboards and Stories

  • What is Dashboard Interface?
  • Building the Interactive Dashboards
  • Exploring the Dashboard Actions
  • The Best Practices for Creating the Effective Dashboards
  • About the Story Interface
  • How to Create Stories?
  • How to Share Your Work?


  • This course is delivered by our seasoned trainers who have vast experience as expert professionals in the respective fields of practice. The course is taught through a mix of practical activities, theory, group works and case studies.
  • Training manuals and additional reference materials are provided to the participants.
  • Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be issued with a certificate.
  • We can also do this as tailor-made course to meet organization-wide needs. Contact us to find out more:
  • The training will be conducted at DATA-AFRIQUE TRAINING CENTRE, Nairobi Kenya.
  • The training fee covers tuition fees, training materials, lunch and training venue. Accommodation and airport transfer are arranged for our participants upon request.
  • Payment should be sent to our bank account before start of training and proof of payment sent to:
Course Schedule
Dates Fees Location Apply
09/09/2024 - 20/09/2024 $3000 Nairobi Physical Class
Online Class
14/10/2024 - 25/10/2024 $3950 Kigali Physical Class
Online Class
11/11/2024 - 22/11/2024 $3000 Mombasa Physical Class
Online Class
09/12/2024 - 20/12/2024 $3000 Nairobi Physical Class
Online Class

Our 2024 Group Rates (in USD)

# of Days
Group #
1. 1 $ 1500 $ 3000
2. 5 - 10 $ 1350 $ 2700
3. 11 - 20 $ 1200 $ 2400
4. 21 - 30 $ 1000 $ 2000
5. 31 - 40 $ 800 $ 1600
6. 41 - 50 $ 700 $ 1400
7. 51 > Above $ 600 $ 1200